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Welcome To Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development (ICED)

Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development (ICED) is DFID’s new catalytic, flexible facility designed to accelerate DFID’s infrastructure and cities initiatives across the world to contribute to poverty reduction and to resilient, inclusive, and transformative economic growth.

ICED has a pool of advisors ready to assist Country and Regional offices, including researchers, enabling environment policy advisors, infrastructure and urban economic development specialists, as well as resilience, inclusion and DFID programme design experts. ICED can support offices to develop tailored packages of support, from the scoping and design of infrastructure and urban programmes that improve the enabling environment, attract transformative investment into the energy, transport, communications and water sectors, and support improved urban economic development, to rapid technical advice, action research projects and policy briefings from sectoral and cross-cutting experts.

The ICED WASH Technology Matrix represents the early design and development of an actionable and participatory online, web hosted directory that lists and recommends over 200 WASH technologies based on a number of criteria that users select, from their geographic location, budget, climate and water/sewage treatment requirements. Unlike other research that has been done in this area, the directory seeks to influence procurement decisions at the time of purchase, listing information relating to IP, pricing per unit and life cycle CO2 emissions alongside basic company and contact information.

ICED will position DFID as a leading actor in the infrastructure and urban development space by shaping a portfolio of programmes that support cities and infrastructure investment to become engines of sustainable, inclusive growth by:

  • Providing programme scoping and design support to DFID Country Offices and Regional Groups
  • Providing technical support to shape delivery of existing infrastructure and urban programmes
  • Helping to build the evidence for urban and infrastructure programming through rapid technical advice from sector and cross-cutting experts, action research projects, and policy briefings.
  • Working with DFID’s international partners to promote robust infrastructure and cities initiatives

WASH Technology Online Directory

ICED is managed by a PwC-led Alliance that includes Adam Smith International, ARUP, Engineers Against Poverty, the International Institute for Environment and Development, MDY Legal and Social Development Direct.